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Find out about property valuation in New Zealand. A land record order fee will apply. Find out more about ordering land titles and plans. In the past, the evidence of a property title was a paper document called a Certificate of Title, but since all of New Zealand's current property title records are held electronically.

Property titles and plans

Electronic property title records are called records of title. Find out more about titles under the Land Transfer Act LINZ holds many other land record types. Find the land record you want. Other property record providers can also help you trace back titles by prior references, complete more complicated searches and help with historical research.

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Land professionals, including conveyancers and lawyers, can help you update the title of your property. For example, if you have paid off your mortgage, you can have it taken off your property register this is called a discharge.

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Defects could be someone else claiming title to the property, a claim that the seller never owned it or a wild deed where someone buys the property but doesn't officially record the title. Many properties have defects on a title. Besides determining who truly owns a property, they also ensure all existing liens, loans, child support, and judgments are disclosed—and dealt with—prior to the close of escrow.

If liens or judgments aren't discovered prior to closing, the buyer can face messy and expensive issues down the road.

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Title insurance provides protection for the seller and lender in the event liens or encumbrances are discovered after closing. A property title search is typically ordered during escrow when a lender financing a home purchase requests a preliminary report from a title company. However, a search can be done anytime, by anyone, such as a buyer who might not need a lender's money or a homeowner who's looking to refinance their home. Doing a title search is a process few people will undertake themselves due to the number of documents that need to be reviewed, says Zawadzki.

Property titles and plans | Land Information New Zealand (LINZ)

That said, it is possible for a home buyer to search for liens on a property as well as judgments pending against the seller as an individual. First, you need a property's legal description this is not the address but what is written on the deed to describe a property , often found on a property's tax statement.

Redden cautions that the staff at these agencies won't give you legal advice.

So it'll be up to you to parse the status of the title from the research you do. And remember, there is always a chance for liens not being represented in the documents you find. The cost of the search, as well as the premiums for title insurance, vary by state, but are based on the loan amount and the purchase price of a property. All rights reserved. For the best experience, please enable cookies when using our site.

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